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Complete home maintenance

Maintenance work included (exchanging bathroom sets - completely renovating the bathroom (ceramics and floors) - renovating the kitchen - isolating the roofs - painting the external wall - maintaining the garden paths)



A resident of Mazyad area


Al Mounshed General Contracting

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Achieving work quality is one of the most important criteria. This includes mastering required tasks and delivering outstanding results that meet set standards. This requires attention to detail, accuracy and adherence to set standards and requirements.



This criterion relates to an individual's ability to accomplish tasks effectively with the least amount of resources. This requires the expertise and skills to do the work efficiently and in effective ways.



Punctuality is one of the main criteria in a good job. The individual or the team must carry out tasks and deliver them on time, and punctuality contributes to a smooth and orderly workflow.

The most luxurious materials and the highest quality standards

We specialize in installing and renovating bathrooms using the most luxurious materials and highest quality standards. We utilize premium materials such as natural marble, high-quality glass panels, and exquisite ceramic tiles. Our team ensures a wide range of elegant and modern designs that cater to your taste and requirements. We deliver precise craftsmanship and superior finishes for sanitaryware, faucets, and accessories. We guarantee the use of advanced installation techniques and durable materials to achieve exceptional results and long-lasting durability.

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